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Visualise: to form a picture of someone or something in your mind, in order to imagine or remember him, her, or it

We aim to take that definition to a new level of excellence in architectural visualization. We believe in the importance of finding new ways to improve and deliver the best renders, animations, interactive works and aerial photography. We are passionate about helping you visualise what is to come.


Graduated in architecture with honors at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in 2018, he has worked in numerous renowned architecture studios such as FRAN SILVESTRE ARQUITECTOS, CMV ARCHITECTS, ANGEL FITO ESTUDIO and JAIME SALVA ARQUITECTURA & INTERIORISMO, participating in all the phases that make up a project. With 7 years of experience, and captivated by the possibilities offered by the 3D representation of projects, and ideas, he decided to specialize in that field, attending to several courses at SCHOOL-ING, one of the world's most renowned academies in the sector. As a result of these experiences VISUALIGHT IT is born, becoming a bridge to share that passion and illusion with other clients and profesionals.


After starting his professional career focusing in psychology of organizations and working within the selection and training departments of different companies on the island, he decided to focus on the 3D field, with the intention of turning what was an exciting hobby into his daily work. During this transition, he decided to specialize on Architectural Visualization, an essential and ever evolving service needed in every architectural firm by today's standards. On the summer of 2020, the opportunity to form a studio with Andres, whom he knew since childhood was presented. Both have always had an interest for the 3D world and VISUALIGHT IT is the result of this shared vision.

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A precise model of the architectural elements and its surroundings is created from provided planimetrics.


Proposal of natural and artificial light, starting from basic geometry and materials that allow us to do a rigorous luminic study.

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Addition of main elements and final materials that configure the spaces.


Review of the general mood of the scene, integration with the environment and final postproduction touches where needed.

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